Freelancing Scholarships

Freelancer's Training and Services

Freelance service is fast growing area in current global economy. Freelancers provide their services to global customer and get paid while working from their own locations. ASPE started its freelancer’s training program in 2021 in few of the most frequently used services in IT and Computer technology, namely web services, graphic design, marketing etc.

ASPE freelancing program covers identifying needy students with right background, providing training in IT courses, providing guidance on creating profiles on freelancing platforms, providing training in communications with global customers, marketing their skills, bidding of jobs and setting up payment methods.

ASPE plans to provide training to 100 students in 2022, with an aim to increase the number of students and the number of courses every year. These trainings are free of cost to the students.

If you want to become a freelancer under ASPE sponsored program, all you need is to show you are a self-motivated person, have positive attitude to work and have sufficient time for the trainings. If you have all of these, please click the following button to register your interest.